Bodylastics Exercises – Only Your Imagination Limits What You Can Do!

When you are looking for the complete workout then the Bodylastics exercises offered by these resistance bands are the ultimate.


These resistance bands will work on whichever group of muscles you wish. They are so light and easy to set up you can use them virtually anywhere.

Forget that gym membership and home gym equipment

At a fraction of the cost of gym membership, or installing home gym equipment you have a complete workout system which will give you years of value.

What exercises are possible?

This is the absolute joy of the system. If you are looking to build your muscle then by using Bodylastics resistance bands you will add to your muscle size and definition as much as you wish.

For those who are looking to burn fat and lose weight to become more toned, there is a complete range of exercises available to help you achieve this. When you combine this with a sensible, well-balanced diet you will be amazed at the weight loss results.

Just looking to keep yourself in tip-top shape? There are yet more exercises which will help you do this in the fraction of the time it takes you to get to and from the gym.


Anyone who has suffered a sports injury or is recovering from an illness can use the gentle exercises offered to get them back into shape. This will speed your recovery and allow you to get back to your normal health in a far quicker manner.

Specific sports exercises

Whether you want to strengthen your body for your favorite sport then the Bodylastics resistance bands have the answer. Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Martial Arts? You name it – there are exercises which will put you at the top of your game.

What you should remember!

As with all exercising, you should ensure that you warm-up before starting your routine and spend sufficient time carrying out cooling-down exercises when your session is complete. You should also ensure that you drink sufficient water to keep yourself hydrated.

By following this mantra and following the clear video training instructions you will achieve exactly what you want from a fitness and health point of view.

Forget the imitators

There may be other resistance bands out there, but they are not a patch on the original Bodylastics range.

These meet every safety requirement you need, they are sturdy, easy to set up and above all the Bodylastics exercises give you an effective workout each and every time.