Exercise tubing really is the secret weapon to a toned body. I’ve read it before that you don’t need anything more than a yoga mat, fitness ball, and a set of resistance bands to get and stay in shape. That statement is very true, yet a lot of us still rush out to buy expensive home gym equipment and spend big bucks on monthly gym memberships. You don’t need an expensive home gym or a gym membership. This article is going to explain how you can get in shape and stay in shape with exercise tubing, and tell you why you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get in shape at home.

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Why you don’t need an expensive home gym equipment.

Home gyms and exercise machines work. I cannot say they don’t, of course, they only work if you use them, but they do the job. The downsides? Their physical size and cost are the biggest issues. You can pay upwards of $1000.00 for a home gym system, and need a whole room of your home to use it. If you think of systems like the Bow flex, they use resistance to create the weight that you push, pull or lift when working out. It works great, but there is a less expensive option for you, that won’t take up any room at all in your home.

Exercise Tubing The Simple and Small Solution.

Exercise tubing sets also use resistance, your body, as well as parts of your home like doors to complete a full body workout. The resistance is similar, if not the same as the big home gyms, but all of the equipment can be packed neatly into a small nylon bag and can be used in any room of the house.

What about the exercises I can do with?

It might not be straight forward at first but the exercises you can do with exercise tubing are more or less the exact same as with a conventional exercise machine. Of course, it requires that you use some special equipment along with the workout bands, but if you buy the right set you’ll have everything you need.

The Right Exercise Tubing Set.

I’ve seen a lot of different exercise band sets available at sports equipment stores and general departments stores. While they’d do the job, I had never seen a system that really looked like it could easily replace a home gym. Then I stumbled on the Bodylastics system. I won’t get into a sales pitch for the product, all I’ll say is that the different resistance bands and attachments that came with the set allowed me to completely replace my home gym setup, save space, and save money. Check out BodyLastics and see for yourself, how less than $50 bucks can have you in shape in no time.