If you like variety, save thousands of dollars spent on a gym contract and buy the following home equipment to keep your body guessing. You do not have to have all of this, but these are some good basics to look into:
Exercise bands: This is your cheapest most versatile piece of home equipment and is a must. Buy light, medium and heavy resistance bands or tubing. They can be different lengths for standing or seated exercises. Use them with handles or without. Bands are space-efficient and ultra-portable.
– Stability balls can be used for core stability exercises or supporting the body in sitting and lying exercises.
– Variety of dumbbells e.g. 2-12 kg
– Exercise mat & exercise bench
– Medicine balls can be used for plyometric exercises or throws for the upper body and torso.
– Step for cardiovascular and leg exercises.
– Jumping rope
TRX suspension system can be set up anywhere from ceilings and railings to trees. Anything that is capable of holding your body-weight. It is portable and versatile.
– Interval timer or stopwatch
Reasons to train at home and achieve results
– You can do your workout at any time of the day when it suits your schedule.
– Less travel and packing equals’ time saved.
– You don’t have to stand in queues and wait for equipment or modify your workout because the gym is too busy.
– You can be easily intimidated by all the new and fancy pieces of equipment. If you don’t know the correct technique your workout will be less effective and can lead to injuries.
– You might feel uncomfortable by all the gym stereotypes and intimidating trainers and trainees. You might feel self-conscious if you are not at ease with your body.
Remember, you do not need to build an expensive home gym to have great workouts. Some of the most effective exercises use just your body weight.
These are the types of exercises that lend themselves well to home training and as you can see they don’t require a gym to do:
– Push up variations,
– Squat and lunge variations,
– Hip lifts,
– Inverted rows and pull-ups,
– Planks,
– Burpees,
– Mountain climber variations and
– Jumping jacks