One of the biggest trends in the fitness industry right now is using TRX bands exercises. A lot of the most popular workouts such as P90X are using them and they are probably only going to gain more popularity.

As you might already know, there are a few reasons why TRX bands exercises are becoming more and more popular. For one thing, they are not hard on the joints at all. If you use weights or even machines then you are probably putting more stress on your joints than you realize. After years and years of using these types of workouts, your body is going to be aching big time.

All of that said, let’s go ahead and get to the exercises. Some of these you may know about, and some you may not have heard of before. We will start with a simple curl.

There are two different ways to do a curl with TRX bands. The most popular way is to step on the middle of the band and hold each end with one hand. You then simply curl your forearm up by bringing your hands to your shoulder and then put it back down. This is one of the easiest TRX bands exercises to do, but it only works your biceps.

TRX bands exercises workout

If you have longer bands, there is another exercise that you can do right after the curl. It is basically a military press where you straighten your arms out above your head after you do the curl. This is great because it allows you to work your triceps and shoulders right after you work on your biceps. If you do not have very long bands, you can do these TRX bands exercises by stepping on one end of the band and then holding the other in your hand. You can only do one arm at a time this way, but it is better than not doing the press at all.

Another type of exercise that you can do will work out the chest. You basically hold one end of the band in each hand and put your arms out in front of you. You then spread out your arms as wide as you can and the band will probably touch your chest. This exercises your back, shoulder, and arm muscles in addition to your chest. This is one of the best overall TRX bands exercises that you can perform.

There are several types of exercises that you can do for the legs, but you often have to anchor one end of the bands to something sturdy. For example, you can sit in a chair and tie one end to a leg of the chair. Tie the other to your ankle, and extend your leg to work out your quads.

Thanks for reading, and you should know that there are a lot of other TRX bands exercises you can perform to get a sculpted body quickly!