What makes fitness tubes so great? Is it their portability? Cost? Or the quality of the exercises that can be done? It’s a mix of all three reasons, and some are more important to others. That’s why people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness goals are getting on the resistance training bandwagon and buying a fitness tube set.

What do you get in a Fitness tube set

A quality set of fitness tubes come with several different colored resistance bands, each color is a different resistance and allows you to progress with the same equipment as you become stronger. Often you will receive accessories that you can use at home to do more exercises by connecting your fitness tubes to a door or connecting them around your ankle to do leg exercises.

A good example of a kit like this is the BodyLastics Fitness tube set.

Fitness tubes Vs. Home Gym Machines

The latest craze in home fitness equipment has been the home gym machines like the Crossbow and Bowflex. Nowhere better can you see this then in the massive number of commercials a company like Bowflex runs?

The concept behind machines like these is also resistance. You connect a different number of resistance bars to the machine and then do your exercises. As you gain strength you add more bars, sounds pretty similar to how a resistance tube system works don’t it?

Fitness tubes use the same concept as a BowFlex to improve your physique. Of course, they cost a heck of a lot less, don’t require a separate room in your home to store them, and they’re portable. Doesn’t paint a very nice picture for the home gym machine, does it?

Should you buy a Fitness tube set?

Anyone can use a fitness tube, it’s not rocket science. The exercises are easy and emulate just about every exercise you can do with free weights or on a machine. People that should strongly consider purchasing a fitness tube set are those that are:

  • Considering buying a home gym system
  • Looking for an option to workout at home and cancel their recurring monthly gym membership fees
  • People who are looking to lose weight
  • Resistance training is great for toning and shaping muscle. It’s the ideal home gym product for those that like to look toned but aren’t into building bulk.

Where to buy Fitness tubes?

Most sporting goods stores and exercise equipment retailers will likely carry fitness tubes. Although they may not carry a fitness tube set with several bands, and accessories. I suggest you check out the BodyLastics system, it starts at $50 or less and includes 4 fitness tubes, the special accessories, and a manual DVD to use in your workouts.