Many people around the world are having a hard time controlling their weight. Obesity is one of the major factors that can lead to health conditions such as diabetes or heart diseases. In many cases, doctors always counsel their patients to do some exercise like walking or jogging which can help them lose weight. Interestingly, there is a kind of exercise known as resistance training which can be used to deal with weight issues and give you good form.

Resistance training is considered as a kind of exercise that uses muscle contractions to resist opposing force or weight. Resistance training can be done through simple routines such as push ups since the person is opposing his own weight. Moreover, this type of exercise varies from weight training because this is not all about developing large muscles. If understanding what is resistance training interests you because it presents many advantages, then keep on reading to learn more.

* Facilitate weight loss at a faster rate. Losing excess pounds can be achieved more efficiently through resistance training than by aerobic exercises such as walking or jogging. One good feature of resistance training is that it can build muscles that accelerates fat loss even while resting. The body’s metabolism increases as the muscles try to rebuild itself after carrying weight; this leads to more efficient weight loss.

* Helps you build strength. This can be very good for individuals who perform lifting or carrying tasks. In fact, many cases of back pain can be attributed to a weak back. For women, benefits of resistance training such as having stronger bodies is definitely of great value to them. Stronger muscles do some good to the bones because it can delay joint problems by strenghtening muscles supporting the joints.

* Have a toned body. This is one of the superficial but very pleasing benefits of resistance training that many people often desire. In fact, resistance training does shape your body because it creates toned muscles even after you have lost some weight. It is like sculpting your body that can produce toned glutes, legs, arms and back. Doing regular resistance training can greatly help you attain good muscle tone in abdominals when fat is gone.

* Strengthen cardiovascular system. Resistance training as a form of exercise has been recognized by the American Heart Association as beneficial to heart conditions.

Circuit exercises of resistance training is similar to aerobic workouts that provide health benefits too.