Rebuild Your Body Using Metabolic Resistance Training.

It is important for overweight individuals to shed excess pounds to avoid health conditions like diabetes or heart disease. There are many kinds of aerobic exercises that promote cardiovascular health such as aerobics, jogging, cycling among others which can lead to fat loss. Other people would go for strength training such as bodybuilding or weight lifting to build bulk and get stronger. Seemingly, metabolic resistance training can provide both health benefits – build stronger bodies and lose excess weight rapidly. This exercise is considered as metabolic resistance training because of its rapid weight loss features and enhances strength.

Metabolic Resistance Training

Metabolic resistance training involves various large muscle groups to perform set of actions that are physically challenging. Unlike aerobic exercises, metabolic resistance training is not just burning calories while walking or running because it involves routines that engages your big muscle groups. When large muscle groups are employees to perform different movements, metabolism definitely increases. One derives more benefit in terms of growth and weight loss when doing metabolic resistance training than isolated routines. A clear illustration of this would be doing performing push ups rather than bicep curls alone. Muscle groups like glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps help the back in lifting weight during squats. When the back is made to carry load, it also becomes stronger which makes squats queen of exercises.

Metabolic resistance training is also presented in exercises like kettebell training. As you learn the basics of kettlelebell, you would realize that it takes balance and power to swing the kettlebell using your arms. But, it is an example of metabolic resistance training since muscles like glutes, hamstring and back are engaged in swinging. For even a short period of kettlebell swinging, you have an exercise equivalent to running a complete track. Furthermore, metabolic resistance training does not require long hours of repetitive routines, rather short bursts of power that can condition your body. A timed rest period of less than a minute between metabolic resistance training routines helps you build cardiovascular endurance. In short, by doing metabolic resistance training exercises, you don’t just burn calories but also build muscles. Moreover, your body continues to burn fat as it builds muscles while you are resting, the result- leaner body with more strength.

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