Used in all branches of the US Military, the TRX Tactical Conditioning Program is the most comprehensive workout program ever created for tactical athletes. To develop the FORCE Program and Super App, TRX combined cutting-edge functional training research with insights gained from direct work with thousands of servicemembers in every branch of the US Military. TRX developed the 12-week, progressive Tactical Conditioning Program to help people of all fitness levels safely develop the strength, power and core stability needed to do their jobs. The Program also helps develop the resilience tactical athletes need to go the distance, whatever challenges they face in both the line of duty and life. No matter what your sport, goal or mission, the Tactical Conditioning Program will help you reach the next level of performance. There is no other workout program like it. When you purchase the TRX Tactical Conditioning Program you now get the TRX FORCE Super App, too, a $39.99 value. The TRX FORCE Super App brings the groundbreaking TRX FORCE Tactical Conditioning Program alive on your iPhone or Android Device in an ultra-enhanced digital version. Though designed for tactical athletes, the FORCE Super App also provides fitness professionals and home users alike with an incredible training resource.