Over-all Body Toning and Strength Through Resistance Training Programs.

Today, many individuals try to get in shape by pursuing various physical activities or sports such as aerobics or strength training. Exercises such as aerobics, tae-bo, pilates, weight lifting and even belly dancing are just some of the favorites. Yet, people can also choose resistance training programs that are easy to do and requires less equipment to perform. Normally, resistance training programs employs the muscles by making it contract so it can efficiently resist an opposing force or weight. Certain equipments such as elastic bands, dumbbells or even body weight offers resistance.

resistance training programs

Elastic bands are very useful for resistance training programs because it promotes strength as well as flexibility. Ask anyone doing resistance training about their goal, they would usually say “toned muscles and strength”. Regrettably, many people lack information about the value of resistance training when it comes to conditioning the heart. This is possible through circuit training where rest periods between breaks are kept short. Resistance training programs can be an alternative to high-impact cardio routines which can also be risky. Browse some of these resistance training programs that can enhance your body:

Core exercises- Anybody regardless of their physical condition would certainly benefit from having a strong midsection which supports most body movements. For example, tennis players use their forearm or backhand to hit the ball; however, swinging the body using the midsection can produce more power. A strong core would mean toned abs, strong back and better posture to prevent injuries. Some common upper body exercises for resistance training programs are:

  • Barbell Presses
  • Incline Bench Presses
  • Lat Pull Downs
  • Push Ups
  • Plank exercises

Lower body – Balance is also important when aiming for total fitness; hence, the lower body can also be developed using resistance training programs. Elastic bands or dumbbells are good choices when doing the following:

  • Hip adduction
  • Leg extensions
  • Calf raises
  • Squats

If you dream of toned arms, biceps and triceps, try using elastic bands for a change. A Swiss ball is a very useful equipment that can maximize push-ups because of its unstable surface; thus, people learn to balance. Anyone starting with a new routine should use lighter resistance at the start to execute proper form when exercising. Over-time, additional resistance can be added as you build strength and power.