Rip 60 Reviews – All Hype or Does It Work?

What is Rip 60?

rip 60This is a workout program that enables one to keep going and not stop when the person gets to a certain level. This program is and eight-week program with excellent exercises that enables the body to change position and move feet and angles of participation.

This position change will balance the workout, yet keeps the body going, so it does not interfere with heart rate. It allows for increased burning of calories and increases in muscle.

Rip 60 is not a protein shake or nutritional supplement drink. It is a program with a number of DVD’s explaining the workout routine.

It is also a trainer that will adapt to any movement in the workout routine. The trainer will help the body to maximize muscle development through incredible moves that produce outstanding results.

This amazing program follows an eight-week workout program with DVDs to show a progression of exercise movements from the first week through the fourth week that will, by the end of 60 days change the body.

These first four weeks focus on strength. In order for the person to learn how to increase the body’s strength and endurance, they must learn all of the right fitness moves.

Week one will help the person to focus on their movements that cause imbalances of movement. Week one will help to prepare the body for the coming weeks of increasing discipline.

Week two prepares the person for an increase in their endurance and stability. This is the time that the person will learn how to strengthen their muscles that help to stabilize balance.

Week three is a focus on increasing the body’s level of endurance. The workout routine will be full of necessary exercised that require longer workout reps.

It is necessary during any workout program to give the body a much-needed vacation for the workout routine. Week four concentrates on relaxation techniques’ such as tai chi and yoga. These relaxation techniques will give the body a rest and a time to revamp.

The last three weeks of the program will concentrate on overall power and will help the person to develop unbelievable endurance and power.

Part of a successful workout routine is, of course, expected muscle growth. As a successful exercise routine continues the person has to step up their fitness routines with heavier weights and more advanced equipment, such as weights and kettle bells.

This progression will use more advanced equipment, building more power in the body. The person who is entering week five of their training session will learn how to sustain increase power.

Week six will focus on the body’s ability to perform quicker movements and to do more exercise reps. This week will offer the body more moves that increase their body’s power.

In week seven, the person must step it up a few notches. Maximum muscle power instructions are given to the person who has reached the seventh level.

The eighth and final week of this program will bring all seven weeks together. The person well is instructed in bringing all they have learned on muscle power, endurance and strength, and they will perform a timed assessment.

This program contains a belt trainer that the person takes with them anywhere. It will hook onto any door. Take it to the park and hook it onto a tree, or a piece of playground equipment or chain link fence.

The trainer straps rotate. This program includes 12 workout DVD’s, and a delicious nutritional guide. This information is available through the combined efforts of two of the top professional fitness experts such as Julian Michaels, and Georges St. Pierre.

Here is What Rip 60 Program Will Do For You

“What is in it for Me?”

The Rip 60 Trainer allows the person the ability to do everything faster. They will run faster, get stronger faster, and jump higher with unbelievable muscle explosion results.

This program will allow the person to get into the best shape that they have been in their life. This trainer works for all levels of workouts from the beginner to the advanced and professional. This trained will help keep the person stable and balanced during their workouts. Products offered through Rip 60 offers a lifetime guarantee.


  • This program utilizes the combined experience of the two top fitness experts in the industry.
  • This program will allow the person to do a workout faster and more effectively.
  • The routine will reshape the person’s body, giving them a total body transformation.
  • The workout routine will help the person become stronger with superb muscle expansion.
  • The program is excellent for beginners, advanced and professional athletes.
  • This workout trainer keeps the person balanced and stable during workout routines.
  • This program comes with 12 workout instructional DVDs
  • The program sets the person on a pathway of healthier eating through a well written nutritional guide.
  • This program guarantees to give life to change body results when followed as directed. Results can be seen in just 60 days.
  • The RIP 60 workout trainer helps to coordinate every workout movement.
  • The trainer will accommodate a person up to 600 pounds. A durable aircraft aluminum and comfortable nylon make up the material in the trainer.
  • The trainer straps are comfortable on any area of the body such as ankles, hands, and arms.

Last Step

One thing is sure, and this is no one has neglected to keep their body in shape or has put on excess weight overnight. This neglect of the human body through lack of proper exercise and diets with balanced nutrition daily for every meal have occurred for weeks and years.

The Rip 60 is not an overnight cure-all. What this program will do is get the person on an excellent pathway for proper exercise and balanced, healthy nutritional intake on a daily basis.

There is no other program that will work any better or quicker for a person who has neglected their body for so long.

This program will help those who are new to fitness routines or professionals who rely on fitness. This program enhances and improves the fitness routine already in progress.

It supports the fitness exercises and is a perfect addition to what the person may already be doing. It will support the fact that the body needs a host of the proper vitamins and minerals every day through eating the right foods in the right amounts.

There is no better time to transform your body. Order your Rip 60 program today for a guaranteed new body transformation in eight short weeks.

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