While Bodylastics does a great job of strengthening your body one area it isn’t easily able to target is the abdominals. I know there are some crunch exercises you can do with the resistance bands, but to really get in there and firm and tone those abdominals you may need some help.

Flex BeltA device I’ve been using the past few weeks is The Flex Belt. It’s an electronic muscle stimulating device known as an ab belt that firms and tones my abs through daily sessions that last about 30 minutes each.

The Flex Belt uses technology that has been studied and proven effective by physical therapists all over the world to rehabilitate and strengthen weaken muscles after injury or accident in patients.

The premise is simple. The ab belt sends a slight current through the belt and gel pads that touch your skin. That current travels through the nerves in your skin and muscles causing your abdominals to flex. This flexing mimics the exercise of a sit-up or a crunch but without having to actually do the movement. The result is you can get a half decent workout around the home or office while you’re tending to other things that need to get done.

Now let me start by saying I don’t believe that a device like this is a silver bullet solution. This is meant to supplement the work you are or would be doing using the Bodylastics system. However, since you’re already spending 4-5 days a week on a full body workout the Flex Belt could be that extra bit of sculpting to really get your body in the peak shape you desire.

The downsides to using an ab belt are minimal. There are no real side effects, there’s no risk of shock and there is no pain experienced during each session. It’s more or a pleasant buzzing sensation that happens when you’re wearing the belt.

You do need to be consistent with its use and this is where many users fall down. They feel that they can just use the belt a handful of times and see amazing results. Because results are cumulative you must be consistent and it’s still important that you follow a healthy lifestyle plan in all other areas of your life.

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