Men sometimes avoid doing TRX band exercises because they feel the only way to gain muscle mass is to lift heavy, bulky weights. The truth is that TRX band workouts for men have a number of benefits that make them worth considering.

Build Muscle Safely

. TRX band workouts for men allow them to build muscle mass without the need to use weight machines. This not only makes working out more convenient but safer as well since spotters are not required. There is no need to worry about dropping heavy weights on the feet or chest or have them fall off in the middle of a workout. TRX band bands are easier on the joints, so men who suffer from arthritis will find them much easier to use.

Can be Used On-the-go

. Men who travel frequently for business can sometimes find it difficult to get to a gym whenever they are away from home. It can also be cumbersome to carry dumbbells along while traveling, especially for those who are flying. TRX band workouts for men make it possible for them to work out no matter where they are because TRX band bands can easily be tucked inside a suitcase, and the exercises that are performed with them can be done virtually anywhere.

A variety of Exercises

. Many men like the versatility of cable or rowing machines and the same exercises that can be done with those pieces of equipment can also be performed with TRX band bands. Likewise, TRX band workouts for men can also incorporate many of the same exercises that are often done with free weights or weight machines as well. This means that guys won’t have to get bored with their exercise regimen because there is virtually no end to the number of exercises that can be performed with them.

Full Body TRX Band Workout

. While many men are primarily concerned with developing their arms, chest, and back, TRX band workouts for men can actually provide a full body workout. Exercises that help to tone and tighten the abs, thighs, calves and buttocks are also easy to do by using TRX bands. Best of all, different bands can be used when working in areas that are not as strong in order to ensure that certain parts of the body are not overexerted.

Colors of TRX Bands

. TRX bands come in a variety of colors based on how difficult they are to use. This will vary by brand, as different manufacturers all have different colored bands. Those with more resistance are thicker, while ones that offer less resistance are normally very thin. Men should begin with a light or medium TRX band, and then increase to the next highest one whenever they can easily perform 12 to 15 repetitions of a given exercise. After graduating to the highest TRX band, more than one band can be used at a time in order to continue increasing the intensity of a workout.


. There are a number of benefits to performing TRX band workouts for men, with the biggest one being that there is no need to invest in expensive equipment or join a gym in order to get in shape. They make excellent workout tools for men and women, so men who enjoy working out with their wives should definitely consider them. Regular use of TRX bands can result in weight loss and improved overall health, not to mention an increase in body mass.