TRX Straps are great for strength training and for women who do not have time to hit the gym on a regular basis. You can carry them pretty much everywhere; they are inexpensive and only cost about under $50. They help target specific muscle groups and improve coordination. So why shy away from using TRX Straps?

A well-handled TRX Strap can provide you with gym quality strength workout even in your home. Besides these bands are inexpensive, portable and versatile, all the more reasons to grab a band of your own. So, if you are still unsure where to start with a TRX Strap, take a look at these TRX Strap exercises for women that will help you get familiar with this super amazing toning tool.


TRX squatLike it or not, squats are your one-way ticket to tone your legs and that booty. However, make sure you engage your core as well while you perform squats with your new toning buddy.

  • Hold your TRX Strap and stand in the middle of it. Grip the handles at your shoulder height with your palms facing forward.
  • Now keep your back straight (you know the drill) and move into squat position. Sit down like you are sitting on an imaginary chair. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground and knees should be exactly above your ankles.
  • Exert pressure on heels while coming up. This completes your one rep.
  • Perform three sets of 15 reps each.


one arm trx biceps curlDuring your strength training routine, this is one of the first moves you will learn. The only difference is, you are skipping those free weights and trying the same with TRX Strap.

  • Stand on the middle of the TRX Strap with both your feet together. Hold the handles of the band in either hand. Now move your feet apart about a distance of hip-width.
  • Inhale deeply.And when you exhale bend both elbows simultaneously. It is important to keep the alignment and posture correct.
  • Inhale again and while you are doing it, straighten both the arms and get back to the starting position. This constitutes as one rep.
  • Perform three sets of 15 reps each.


TRX WOODCHOPPERSTry this workout to tone up your oblique and side bulges. This is especially great if you are tired of performing bicycle crunches and side planks.

  • With your left foot, step on top of the TRX strap and move your right foot away so that both your feet are at a distance slightly wider than hip-width. Grab the other handle of the band using both your hands. Make sure at a time only one palm is up and the other is down. Don’t slack your arms, keep them straight. Now pull the band across your body.
  • Use your left foot to create a pivot and lead with your right foot while you stretch the band across your chest. It should move diagonally over your right shoulder. Practicing the same control and resistance, come back to starting potion. Your one rep is complete.
  • Perform two sets of 15 reps on right foot. Switch sides and perform two more sets f 15 reps each.


flutter kicks with trx strapFlutter kicks are great to tone up your thighs and strengthen your abs while lying on your back. Try them with TRX Straps for quicker results.

  • Sit on a mat and loop one foot inside the handle of the TRX Strap. Lie on your back and grab hold of the band from its middle.
  • Lie flat and draw your navel towards the spine. Make sure you protect your lower back by pressing the spine into the floor. Now lift up both the legs so that thy point almost straight towards the ceiling.
  • Hold the band firmly and move your legs up and down repeatedly, mimicking the movements of scissors. Start with your left leg and point your toes. Move slowly while you do this. Every time you bring down your right foot, one rep will be completed.
  • Perform around 12- 15 reps in each rep.


So you may be wondering why go the trouble of purchasing a TRX Strap when you can always hit the gym? The answer to that is actually quite simple. The fact that TRX Straps are portable and inexpensive makes them very popular workout equipment. Not all of us have time to go to the gym regularly that is when you completely rely on these exercise bands to keep you in shape. You can pack them while traveling and never miss out on your workout even if you have to spend your whole day inside a hotel room.

Another major advantage is that they target all muscles. Free weights and dumbbells only target a specific muscle group but TRX Straps are great for overall strength training. They are also effective when you are resuming your workout after an injury as part of the rehabilitation process. These TRX Straps have been used for such purposes since quite a long time and they have proved effective and efficient in toning your muscles gradually. You can vary the stress and tension on the muscles as you regain your strength.


Working out with TRX Straps seems great and it will yield desired results as long as you keep certain things in mind. You must know that they become greater as you move forward or in simpler terms, the level of resistance is not uniform throughout the exercise. As you approach the end of motion you will find that resistance will be greatest at this point.

This doesn’t sound half as terrible but it isn’t necessary that your muscles are strongest at that point or can take the tension. It is also not an easy task to estimate the resistance level of certain TRX Straps or tubes. It may create problems in your workout and therefore you must always buy TRX Straps after thorough analysis. As these bands are susceptible to wear and tear, make sure there isn’t any visible tear in them (even if it is small) before getting started with exercises.

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