Give your work-out the much needed boost with the proper TRX training equipment. Discover performance boosting fitness and exercise equipment and many more sports equipment that push you towards a much healthier lifestyle. So get started to break boundaries with a whole new range of TRX and strength training gear designed to be used at home and gym.

There is no doubt that an overall fitness regimen needs to incorporate strength training as a part of it and it is also necessary for a good cardiovascular health. Many people are discovering the importance of strength training. So, whatever it is that motivates you, whether it is losing weight, injury prevention, rehabilitation, bulking up, or boosting your sports performance, let strength training do what is necessary. However, purchasing the right TRX training equipment is the key to successful strength training. Many people choose ‘home gyms’ over regular gyms. The process is selectorized meaning you select the kind of weight/TRX band that fits your current strength requirement.

Before you set out to buy equipment that will turn a part of your home into a gym, let’s have a look at some types of strength building equipment.


It would be a bad investment if you end up with strength training equipment that is too large to use, too expensive, too complicated, or otherwise inappropriate. This is not only a bad investment, but will not help in achieving your goals and you might end up hanging your clothes on it! It is necessary that you buy machines that can actually be used.

Strength building equipment can broadly be categorized as free weights and weight machines. The third category of TRX bands is actually rather unique and works in quite a different manner than the former ones. Take a look at some of the strength training equipment:

Free Weights

They have traditionally been used for weight training. They include heavy items and weights that can be held in hands and enable various motions throughout the body causing resistance in the muscles. They can further be categorized as barbells, weighted balls, kettleballs, and dumbbells.

Weight Machines

Many people buy weight machines only to have them sit in their homes. In fact, setting up a home gym can be quite costly and one should purchase weight machines only when one is certain of using it regularly. A typical weight machine has a pile of weights that can be lifted using a cable and pulley system. In order to select the amount of weight to be lifted, a pin is used. There are other machines, like the Smith Machine that makes use of plates and barbells attached in the system. Many of them can be used by only one person at a time but some offer the advantage of being used by different exercisers performing different exercises. However, that poses a problem of space. These machines are large and take up a lot of space.

TRX Gear

TRX bands are tubes are the latest entrants in the world of strength training. As they are made of highly elastic rubber, they become tensed when pulled. These TRX bands or tubes can be held at the ends, hooked under the feet or anchored to immovable objects to perform a variety of exercises for the entire body. As they take up very little space, they are your perfect travel companions.


Whether it is TRX bands or weights, there are certain factors that you should consider before purchasing and kind of exercise equipment. These are:

  • Fitness Goals
  • Budget
  • Place of equipment usage and storage

Consider this, you aim to lose weight but are pressed on time and so you postpone your decision to join the gym. In this case, investing in a large piece of machinery isn’t the smartest choice. Also keep in mind the monetary aspects of these machines. They are costly and there is no point burning a hole in your pocket if you do not plan to exercise regularly. Heavy machinery will also need storage space such as a room or garage that doesn’t offer distractions and lets you work-out in peace.

TRX bands on the other hand are inexpensive and easy to use. There is no problem of usage or storage and you can easily stuff them in your drawer. Also, if you are an ambivalent kind of exerciser, it is wiser to buy TRX bands as they are relatively inexpensive and you wouldn’t feel a pang of regret/ guilt when they are not in use.


When it comes to purchasing the right TRX training equipment, you need to make a smart choice and consider various aspects and do some research. Consider your fitness goals before making the actual purchase. Chances are your family members might also be interested, so you need to keep their fitness goals in mind as well. You need equipment that can withstand the use of multiple family members and provides proper adjustments to various users.

Research Online

This is the next step once you have your fitness goals very clear. Find the right kind of bands and tubes. Research more about top rated brands through customer reviews and website ratings. Visit websites and forum pages to get to know the product more.

The Place of Purchase

Once you have zeroed down on some equipment and companies, start researching about their retail stores and websites. Many websites offer the option off online shopping while many make use of retail stores. If you are purchasing from a retail store, opt for only the best quality bands and tubes.

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Give Them a Try

When it comes to retail stores, you can ask a sales associate to demonstrate the moves for you to try next. Try various stances and exercises for different muscle groups. This will help you deal with shortcomings that often arise while performing full spectrum of exercises at home.