A good exercise for stronger bodies is resistance training for women

Women’s bodies have different physical conditioning needs from men. It must be considered that women must need stronger bones because calcium is depleted when she conceives. As a result, women become more susceptible to bone fractures or osteoporosis as they get older which calls for stronger bones. Although it is a fact that women are less stronger than men, they still perform tasks such as lifting or carrying , whether objects or children. In addition,women today fill in posts that men traditionally held: soldiers, workers and police.

resistance training for women

A good exercise for stronger bodies is resistance training for women; this can make them fit and shapely too.

Resistance training is using muscles to contract so it can carry or resist weight or force. Resistance training is often mistaken as strength training, although they both develop muscles, the latter requires heavier load. In most cases, strength training is aimed at body-building that promotes muscular growth and explosive power. On the other hand, resistance training for women is an alternative exercise that promotes toned muscles and enhanced strength. Sometimes, women are often bothered by flabby arms or loose fat in some parts of their body. Resistance training for women can address such issues and provide other health benefits such as:

1. Resistance training for women to build stronger bones and muscles.

It also common for resistance training routines to lift some light weights or use resistance equipments. As the body adjusts to carrying heavier objects, muscles break down but rebuild soon, which makes it stronger. In no time at all, women can build enough strength that would enable them to perform tasks easily and safely. They also build strong bones that can help them prevent acquiring osteoarthritis.

2. Resistance training for women to improve physical conditioning.

Most resistance training exercises for women involve circuit training. In circuit training, the break in between routines are kept short to maintain a working heart rate found in aerobics. Swinging kettle bells is a good exercise because it requires whole body movements which can be as rigorous as sprinting for a short time. In addition to toned muscles, the body’s metabolism runs faster, which leads to rapid weight loss. Weight loss provides wellness to women.

Truly, the health advantages of resistance training for women are innumerable beginning with sexy bodies and great muscle tone that promotes wellness.